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Trademark Law

A trademark may be a name, phrase, symbol, sound, or color that functions to identify you as the source of goods and service and distinguishes your brand from those of other suppliers.

For example, you may trademark a logo, a product name, or a slogan to help develop your brand.

Owning a trademark gives you the right to use a mark exclusively for defined goods and services. It also allows you to prevent other people from using the same or similar marks in a way that may cause a likelihood of confusion in the marketplace.

Generally, there are four common types of trademarks:

Word Marks

include only standard characters without any accompanying style choices like color or font.


Cloak Phone

Design Marks

are comprised of stylized words, letters, numbers, and/or design elements. These are often referred to as a logo.


Apple logo
Nike logo


may consist of a word or words combined with design elements.


Cloak Phone Logo
Starbucks Logo
Samsung Logo

Trade Dress

Trade Dress may protect the commercial look and feel of a product or service that identifies and distinguishes the source of those products or services. Some examples of trade dress are the packaging or labeling of goods, the design of a product, the flavor of the product, the color of a product, and the layout of a restaurant or store.


Package of salted peanuts
Package of chocolate almonds

TCP Law provides expertise in all matters relating to developing, filing, and defending your trademarks. For more information, please contact us.

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